By By UFC hello TNA

Just kidding! Thought that might get some attention. I don't even watch wrestling but this was fun.

 Damn it, I can't see the video because of work... Is it Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe?

 By the way, Good luck on your fight with Swick man, I'm pulling for you! (Putting money on you as well so, WIN DAMN IT!)

That's a thick feller.

Please knock out Swick Marcus!

 If there is one pro wrestler I really like, it's Samoa Joe. Dude has a legit Judo background as well and is a huge fan of MMA.

His style is very Japanese strong style pro wrestling which, I have a lot of respect for.

is samoa joe from maine?

Yeah did ya like the Mike Tyson thing...LOL... That was true pro wrestling talk. Its always fun to pretend!

 The only reason I watched that was beause Marcus posted it and now I want those 2 minutes back.

LOL... Sorry Fathead D... wont happen again.


Off to go practice my leg drops and pile drivers. PEACE

that was funny as hell. thanks marcus

Probably where Kimbo will be fighting in a year or two

lol @ the second

Nice, he needs to work on that toehold though

Way to be well rounded, Marcus. Way to be.

And I loves me some rasslin!

 omg so great.

marcus you need to stop getting subbed by pro wrestlers.

but seriously that was hilarious. mike tyson? lol

 Nice Real Fighter t-shirt Marcus!

marcus im just wondering who do you think would win a fight between samoa joe and fedor? fedor has been in the game a long time but joe has heart you cannot buy with russian money