By Far the Worst Decision of 2004

Has to be Rampage finding the Lord.

This is one of the few unexpected MMA outcomes of 2004 that’s left me reeling. I can’t recall another “Decision” that’s had such an adverse effect on my psyche. My memory is a little fuzzy, was it a split decision or unanimous? Either way, I am searching for a way to blame this on Pride. I want them to rectify the situation as early as possible. At the very least, rule it a “No Contest”!

The anticipation I once had when downloading a ”B.C.” Rampage audio could’ve fueled Sakuraba past Silva (PartII). It was that much. Now, it’s not enough to make Paris Hilton say “that’s hot.”

The zest has faded. I’m no longer hooked. But I’m willing to jump on the bandwagon once he tosses the Hebrew aside.

In accordance with UG etiquette, as this being my first post; KKM, Kimbo, Best Eva, Rickson defeats God, Fighter X’s washboard stomach looked less cut during weigh ins, so, he’ll lose for sure. You think he’ll retire if he loses?

I’m trying to compete for “Best First Post”, but I fallen way short in comparison the 1st time post titled “Shamrock Injured” just days before the Shamrock/Fry match. If you were there, you understand me. I believe it was the originator to the ruse. And all on a first post!

Im leaning towards agreeubg with Mike here. But I might have to go with walrus over polar bear on discovery channel's animal face off.

Ok, Son of God, I'm in. Why should I be banned?

Don't insinuate or assume, just use the above text as your rationale.

FWIW, I thought it was pretty funny. :)