"By The Sword"

Received By The Sword by Richard Cohen. Looks very interesting. Anyone read this one? If so, how is it?

Seems to have some misinformation based on Silver.

Also, Cohen seems to have a typical fencer's view of Silver - seeing him as antiquated and Xenophobic.

I don't own the book, though, I have just looked it over in a bookstore.


Take the book and rip everything out of it except the information on the 19th and 20th Centuries. Interesting that the author seems to have written on each century in an inversely proportional fashion in relation to it's importance to fencing.

Sounds like a typical sport fencer's view of the sword. The "linear development" theory.

Sport fencers, in my experience, usually know precious little about the history of the sword.

It doesn't sound like he is any diferent. I would like to check out the book again.

I've picked it up and been curious about it, too. How does it read? Does he have a good prose?

I have the book. It is an easy read. Very accessible.

It does have a "sport" fencer's bias, and a few
mistakes and over statements in it, but all in all,
I've read much worse.

I look at the book as a "good" primer for those that
don't know much about the sword or its history. A
jumping off point.