By your side at the end...

The man who I consider to be my father is dying. He is covered in cancer and has months to live.

He was with my mother for 20 years but they are now separated. His love is the ocean and he has spent the last seven years traveling the southern coast with his current girlfriend.

I am going to see him soon. I thought my mother might as they are still close and were such big parts of each others lives, but she doesn't think it's appropriate to the current girlfriend. There is no issue between the two but my mother still doesn't think it's right.

I was thinking that if I were in his position, I would be sad and might welcome anyone who has ever meant anything to me, to see me before I die. I would want to let go of all grudges, formalities, and excuses that I ever had in life with someone that I loved. Is that too much to ask of the people that will still be here?

I know he would want to see my mother. Should she just go? Phone Post

Well yeah she should go, fuck what the girlfriend thinks. Phone Post 3.0

Wow sorry to hear that dude. Yeah she should go. It's probably a combination of what she said and her just not wanting to see him like that. As the time gets closer I'm sure she change her mind. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I kinda feel like she should go. She is going to be stubborn about it.... Phone Post