BYOB coach?

Is this individual one of your coaches, Tony? I ask because on the linked page he's used the phraseology: "Be your own bodyguard"

Hmmm, went the people mentioned have no relationship to my company, other than perhaps by video, Im not sure, I didnt check our data base yet.

OUr trademark is carefully shrouded inside a sentence, (of course its bold - italic, so its either a supreme coincidence or....) I skimmed their info, seems just slightly esoteric... :-)

I was pleased to see that they 'to' had discovered not just the Be your Own Bodyguard premise, but the magic of the startle reflex...

Thanks for the heads up.


You know, EVERYBODY uses that phrase these days:

(When you search "be your own bodyguard" on Google, Tony's site comes up *third*...)

Needless to say, none of these sites link back to -- at least not that I can see.

...Speaking of training videos...

"I'm Robert Cabral, the founder of 'Be Your Own Bodyguard.'"


Obviously another copy-cat at the site. Here's a direct quote. Almost reminds you of Personal Defense Readiness.

"What are some common mistakes that people make when it comes to personal security?
The single biggest mistake people make is that of being unaware. As soon as you let your guard down, you are in a much worse place. That is why so many attacks happen to people in surroundings that are familiar to them. I used to teach a course called "Personal Security Awareness", in that course I would tell people how many mistakes they make every day of their lives, common mistakes with their car, travel habits and home life. My goal was just to enlighten people and give them an advantage over the bad guy. "

*sigh* oh, joy...

Im an IP Philanthropist...


"Obviously another copy-cat at the site."

Okay, this very well may be the case, but based solely upon the quote you offered, Naso, I couldn't automatically agree with you. The idea of being alert, awareness of your surroundings, being on the lookout for possible danger no matter where you are, is a common sense idea that is going to be a part of any good self defense system. It was one of the first things I was taught by my first instructor when I began training about 18 years ago. It's something the founder, Greg Luna, made a part of the Tansu system from the beginning, as far as I can tell, certainly since the mid 70's when I first heard of Luna and Tansu.

Of course the site mentioned may have other evidence indicating it is a rip off of Coach Blauer, I'm not disputing your opinion. I am only saying that awareness is a universal concept when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Watch the video in the link listed above.

As RIP-Offs go..... The clip is a poster child for a program that could NOT have watched any of Tony's videos.

From the slow motion responses, to the free falling "bad guys", to the smiling distracted defenders.

They may have ripped off a name from TCMS, but they clearly didn't get anything else.

I did , and I agree, it was your basic silly so-called self defense seminar tripe. I didn't mean to imply I was defending the site or the content. I was merely stating that any good self dense system will stress the great need to build awareness and hone your senses to alert you to danger.

As to the video, it kills me how people can teach these moves (which if done properly and with intensity actually could be affective) to be done in such a listless lighthearted manner, and claim it is teaching self defense.

Thanks for everyones comments and support
here,Im not sure it was a useful thread in that it
was a downer, but it sdoes prvide insight and
perspectiv eon some aspects of business and
integrity and timing and ideas and the dangers of
the internet...

My biggest concern though is the direction the
thread began to take, the way this thread ended is
an example of DERAILMENT whereby people who
share a similar goal and share training insights
end up in-fighting over semantics, or essence or a
qoute misread or applied...

Was the misunderstanding about awareness
actually about awareness (as an original thought -
it isnt) or was it about the 'expression'? (Rhetorical
here...) And that's the point...

when we consider what the original piece was
about...who needs the rhetoric?

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