Byrd/Golota II underway!

Andrew Golota has already signed the contract for a rematch with IBF Heavyweight champ Chris Byrd for July, Golota manager Ziggy Rozalski said on Tuesday.

Team Golota signed this past Saturday in Florida. Rozalski said Byrd is expected to ink his John Hancock to the deal within the next week.

The much-anticipated rematch will "probably be in New York. Or possibly Chicago. But probably at the Garden again."

Rozalski also added that Golota will not require surgery on his injured left arm which was hurt in round 6 after getting tangled on the ring rope.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

This is going to be a much easier fight for golata this time. I picked byrd the first time and im picking golata this time.

Golota is going to wreck byrd this time. GO LOW BLOW!!

Esch99, I have some money for you, by-the-by.

Golota is going to absolutely steamroll Byrd this time.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

Yeah, I was so happy when they showed the first fight rerun on Spike TV. Golota looked pretty damn good. Nice to see him actually fight without throwing any low blows, even though Byrd hunched over after every body shot to try to make the ref think there was a low blow.

Byrd is a piece of crap like that.

But my hat's off to him - he definitely doesn't shy away from signing to fight people.

He'll wish he did after July.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

Root for Byrd if you wish, but don't put any money on him. Don King will not save him with a BS judges' decision this time-the polish hammer is coming down and coming down HARD!!

Golotta, possible TKO, more probably a late round crescendo of punishment with Byrd hanging on.

Golota was cheated out of a decision.

LOL@close or even on all cards - go to and read the commentary there by the experts.

It's something like 7-2-2 in favor of Golota.

Chris Byrd tried to cheat his way on the points by acting like Golota low-blowed him, and kept up with a Robbie Lawler act every time a Golota bomb landed. He's a piece of crap.

Golota gassing in the later rounds did not save Byrd from catching a few bad flurries then, nor did it erase the fact that Golota was comfortably ahead.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

I actually saw the fight live at the Garden. You should have seen how dejected the Byrd fans and his entourage were after the fight before the decision was read. Everyone in the stadium knew Byrd lost by at least 4 points. Wen the decision was read, nobody could believe it. Even the people who were cheering for Byrd couldn't believe. Even they were yelling "Boxing Sucks!" and "Don King Sucks!"

I was there to see Ruiz versus Oquendo so I really didn't care that much who won Byrd-Golota. Golota won solidly. The decision is a testament to just how corrupt boxing is.

I was there to see Ruiz versus OquendoWHAT?Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar