Byrd is Delusional

He just said he thinks he's the best HW in the world. Even though anyone with eyes in their head knows he lost his last two fights against Golatta and Oquendo

Yeah but he beat me in Fight Night 2004.

Why is Lennox there? Oh, to support Sanders? Yea right. Lennox will be back, mark my words.. Come on Vitali, kick Sanders ass...

I hope after he beats Sanders Vitali does the world a favor and Ko's Ruiz

lol Hopefully Ruiz will retire, and save us all from seeing more of the most boring fights ever fought from him.

the marketing geniuses that brought us Oquendo/Ruiz should set up Ruiz/Byrd. What a bunch of dumbasses

vitali has to fight ruiz...and byrd fight brewster with byrd beating vitali than beating lewis in lewis's comeback

Vitali doesn't have to fight Ruiz at all. Ruiz lost to RJJ. He's not some great HW. Vitali doesn't even really have to fight Byrd, because Byrd has looked like crap in his last two fights.

I don't know who that does leave for Vitali. He can pretty much pick his opponent really.

Bryd looked bad, but those two guys (Oquendo and Golota)both are a little quicker (and much busier) than Klitscho. This is how you trouble / beat Bryd. Throw punches and lots of them.

Styles make fights, and Bryd's style would drive him nuts... again. I'm not saying that he beats Klitscho again, but it'd be a hard fight for Vitali.

Chris does have a legitimate claim though. He beat Klitscho, and should be allowed to fight him again. I got a call, and didn't hear the post fight interview. Did Klitscho address the possibility of fighting Bryd again?

You quit, you lose. Thus explaining how he was "beat". He threw that shoulder out throwing hard, but missing, punches at Chris. Also, Vitali was seriously winded when he "hurt" his arm and quit.

I'd favor him to Beat Byrd now. He's matured more, is brimming with confidence, and has a much better corner now with Manny Steward.

Plus, (big plus) he's got access to much better sparring here in the US than he had in Germany. Better preparation makes a better fighter.

Like I said, I'd favor Vitali now, but I believe that he needs to settle matters with Byrd.

Byrd has a very selective memory, doesn't he? He
should watch the tape of his fight against Vitali
again when he is sober...

"Why is Lennox there?"

Because he's an attention whore and knows that if he doesn't put himself in the public eye that he'll fade into obscurity with the fuckin quickness!!! lol

"Also, Vitali was seriously winded when he "hurt" his arm and quit"

it was like the 9th round, no shit he was winded. He was also winning by like 8 rounds

What do you expect Byrd to say?

He is trying to promote himself into a big fight so he can make a lot of money (because we all know he won't do that fighting on Don King PPVs).

I know this thread wasn't about this but was anyone surprised there no one mentioned the claims of Klitchko being poisoned?

They didn't mention him being "poisoned" but they did mention that the Klitschko's fired their cut-man or something, because of something "unusual" he did before Wladimir's fight with Brewster. I'm wonder if that's the same rumor that's been floating around as the "poison rumor", just twisted around a bit..

There is a difference between a poisoned water bottle and vasoline on the legs/chest but with net rumors you never know. Maybe Don King paid the cut man to drug him and put vasoline on him to get his body to overheat.

"Also, Vitali was seriously winded when he "hurt" his arm and quit"

"it was like the 9th round, no shit he was winded. He was also winning by like 8 rounds"

So given that he'd been beating Chris up to that point (although Byrd was closing the gap) shouldn't Byrd have been equally tired? I mean he was in the fight too.

If it had been an 8 rounder, Vitali would've won, but it wasn't. He had a lot of rounds to go, and who's to say that Byrd couldn't have outpointed him down the distance?

I would favor Klit now, but I think Byrd has a legitimate argument for a rematch.

I'm not proclaiming Chris Byrd the next coming of Jack Johnson here.... I'm just saying that their first fight left some unanswered questions. Make the fight and settle the issue.

Byrd did nothing in that fight until Klitschko tore his rotator cuff. Then when he backed off due to the pain, Byrd started coming forward and landing shots. If Klitschko is 100% healthy, he dominates him like Wlad did. Byrd is a great 215 pound, tricky southpaw, but he has no chance against the bigger guys of the division. Golota gave him all he could handle!