Byrd/Klitschko Predictions

Byrd quits on his stool after 9. He will be beaten by Klitschko physically after having been beaten mentally by King for years.

Byrd just doesn't want it anymore I don't think. He seemed disinterested and fed up during the williamson fight. I think Byrd will call it a career after this.

Wlad by KO or TKO. I think Byrd is just in it for the payday and will quit if the going gets rough

Byrd wins by UD.

in Germany? i wouldn't think that'd be too likely but if Byrd wins that would be the only way he could

I have a feeling Byrd is going to do a lot better than people are expecting. Remember he is no longer with Don King so he is coming into this fight with a clear head without distractions.

that's true, but he lost to Oquendo and Golatta in my eyes, and he had a tight fight with McCline, who hasn't done well since.

Byrd is slowing down and his defense isn't as good as it used to be either and I don't think that's gonna serve him well against a guy who beat him easily last time around

I like when merchant talked about byrd, saying something like

he's gotten older
he's trading shots more often
he's getting flatfooted.