BZJJ in Cincy?

Does anyone know of any schools in the cincinnati area? Thanks


The best place to train BJJ or MMA in the Cincinnati Area is at Jorge Gurgel's school in Middletown.

A BJJ Black Belt, 2 Brown Belts, 7 Purple Belts, and many Bleu Belts!

Not to mention the number of High Quality MMA Fighters such as Jorge Gurgel, Rich Franklin, Josh Rafferty, Mike Patt, & Billy Rush just to name a few!

If you need more info. about the school, go to:


I know Jorge is in BRazil till Feb. 19th, but his school is still up & running by his other top students.

Hope this helps!

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

What Dustin said.


Please know that my post does not mean any disrespect towards you are your school!

Reading Martial Arts may be less expensive. But, if you are looking to learn & train with the Best BJJ Teacher in the Midwest, the most experienced competition team, and very active & skilled MMA team....then training at Jorge's is where you want to be.

Like any other "Top Flight" school, it costs money to train with "Top Flight" guys. I would bet that if you check around to see what a similar school charges, you would see that Jorge's monthly fees are very fare.

Bottom line, it comes down to what are you willing to give to train with multiple Pro. MMA Fighters & Kickboxers, a UFC Vet. & a BJJ Black Belt (that is going to be in the UFC very soon)!