You ever gonna call me back you BMF'R

We need to workout some details


he's like that, isn't he? if it wasn't for his wife, I
would have moved on a long time ago.:) gym opens soon,
i think he is in hiding.

Yeah, he does that...calls me, then tells me to call him, etc and when i do he never picks up......i feel like a stalker for calling so much w/ no response! LMAO
Damn, anyway...TimmyH...i'll see you soon bro!


I am here. I will call you today.

*now knows what Jeremy feels like having me as his stalker*


Ron thanks for the invite to the UFC viewing. Sorry
I couldn't make it. 10 minutes notice is not quite
enough to find a sitter. Have to give you shit bro.
after all what fun is the UFC without Tim and me
ripping on each other the whole time.I think he is ducking me.

Ron's my hero.....

oh and Ron is also gay.....

I am HOMOPHOBIC. I will call you tonight if you are not busy with Thati, or however you spell it! lol

Have u been going to stand-up class? I know how you love to get hit....

LOL! I will not respond to such ridiculous accusations...


The cats out of the bag on you and kickboxing.