C-6 SPINE HERNIATION...Need help..

I never realized that this forum existed and I'm on here several times a day. Jeez.

I had a c5/c6 herniated in Nov of 2003. Same as Sly, my strenght has gone to shit. Only thing I can tricep press in my fat a$$ off the couch. Well, not that bad but the lack of training is mentally unbearable. I officially stopped in Sept because I was in a perpetual state of injury.

Has anyone reading this had surgery? I've been doing 1.5 years of therapy (every kind including the cortizone shots) and a solid 6 months of rest and am not healed so I'm left without an option. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with any specific type of surgery and how they were afterwards.

I'm wondering basically if I have to hang up the gi or not really.

How were the cortizone shots? Im thinking about doing that.


From another post...

I had 2 of the epidurals. They cost about $1,100 a shot. My insurance paid 80% after I met my 1,000 deductible. The flouroscopy is what makes it expensive I think but you definitely want it.

I've read several things about epi's with mixed results. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Depends on severity and the nature of your injury I think. I'm not an expert btw, just a client! Anyway, it didn't work for me. Having surgery soon which I'm hoping will fix things. I've heard mixed results about surgery too but not any other options at this point.

epidurals do not work for this,trust me. The issue is resolution of the disc protrusion, nothing more. Physical therapy and medications help the symptoms not the underlying issue.

I agree Howardo... unfornately, I already dropped the cheese to get the shots. I wouldn't discourage others from it because I have no medical training at all but if presented with the option again, I personally wouldn't do it. It seems like A LOT of the treatments for this injury treat the symptoms, not the problem. Just my 2 cents.

i ruptured c5 and c6 a while ago.. i was out of judo for over 18 months i was able to start lifting weights (very light and with 100% perfect form ONLY) after about 12-14 months... i focused on gaining weight and getting strong while i was not doing judo..

after returning to judo i suffered a few minor set backs and had to learn to play real safe and smart..

now i am back.. not 100% more like 90-95 but i can still train/randori and even compete (won my last tourney)

just be smart.. and dont rush things.. do lots and lots of stretching and rehab exercises and stay focused and you can come back..

i would really really discourage any type of fusion surgery..

good luck

Wow how did you herniate 2 discs at the same time?

c5 and c6 are the vertebrea. The disc is located between the two vertebrea as I understand it.

I think you are correct.