C.A.G.E. Grappling Tourny

I would like to congratulate my teammates who entered the
C.A.G.E. Fight Grappling Tournament in Knoxville today.

Three of my teammates from Knoxville BJJ "Team Pedro Sauer" entered and all were division winners.

John Campbell, Jason Chavis, and Daven Plaiseance all won swords. I signed up for the directors gi division but had no opponents. Josh was nice enough to offer me the sword and a refund. I declined the sword and accepted the refund.

Jason Chavis followed up his division win by winning the absolute!!!

Hi Mike, They were just all afraid to roll with you BRO!!

Let's see, when I'm 77, all those twenty year olds will be eligible for the director's division. Umm, looks promising.

Brad, is your next tournament going to be at your school?

No I am in the planning stages of it now, I'm looking at April 21st at either the Everett Park and Rec center or atthe Spring brook park and rec center. I'll let you know as swoon as the bastards call me back to tell me which one is open. I will only have the friendship tournament here, its too hard on the school, people abuse the facilty and we are to crowded too. Come vist buddy, Monday night is a good night, I have a lot of 45 plus guys in classes now.