C&C 3 Demo for X-Box 360

I downloaded the Command & Conquer 3 Demo today for the X-Box 360. 

I finished the Training Mode and stomped 2 guys on-line.

As an avid fan of the series on the PC platform I can honestly say that the 360 version isn't as bad as I originally feared.  It's certainly not as efficient as the keyboard and mouse, but not at all impossible to get the hang of.

It appears that you can only play as GDI in the Demo and only one map in versus mode, but it's better than nothing.

Yes the analog sticks control pretty muc everything.  The only hitch is not being able to control multiple units as easily as with a mouse.

So this just came out? Sweeeet.

Downloading it now. Can't wait.

I was doing pretty good on-line but I ended up going 4-1 yesterday.  Some fucker rushed me with a GDI medium tank strategy.  Oh well.  I'll keep trying.

Loving this game. Can't wait for the full version.

^ I hope so.

"better than that LOTR RTS on X360?"-A lot quicker. You don't have Hero's like you do with LOTR. I hate using hero's though. I really enjoyed it.

Just played the demo...I like it. MUCH better than LOTR.

BTW, Grace Park and Jennifer Morrison? Are you kidding me!

How long did it take for you guys to dl?

Took me a long fucking time...Then again I have DSL. Its 1 MB or 1 GB I can't remember.

The demo is 1GB. So whatever you download connection speed is will determine how long. It took me about 1 hour.