C.G.O.T and Haters

Hi many people cant stop to critic me.
I am tired of it. Take 2 min to read this message and use your brain to understand I do it for all grapplers.

For a first tourney It was awsome. I think I have a really big plcae with 2 huge mat surface regular size for a judo tourney. I think its secur. My referee were really good (Brent beauparlant and Phil Legacé). My rules are really easy and they dont advantage anybody. Its a GRAPPLING TOURNEY NOT A BJJ TOURNEY.Hi everybody!

Canadian Grappling Open Tournament

Takedowns 2 POINTS
Throws (2 feet must leave the ground and must fall on most of his back)
Sweep from the Guard 2 POINTS
Knee to Stomach Position 2 POINTS
Pass Guard to Side Position 3 POINTS
Rear Mount Position 4 POINTS
Mount Position 4 POINTS


Non combative stand up or ground fight
10 seconde of inactivity -1 Point

Heal hook disqualify

No attacks to the front of the windpipe (Finger in throat), eyes (elbows, palms, fingers, etc.) or groin. No hair pulling, or biting. No pushing palm or elbow directly into nose. No striking of any kind including: headbutts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks etc. No dropping or slamming of opponent on their head, no slamming from the Guard Position.

Matches 4 minutes

Aucune différence de point ne met fin au combat excepté si l'arbirtre juge qu'il est dangereux de poursuivre le combat.


débutant: 0- 1 tirage cadeaux
intermediaire: 1-2½ ans bourses $
avancé: plus de 2½ ans bourses $

* L'organisateur du tournois se réserve le droit de mixer deux catégorie avec l'accord des entraineurs s'il n'y a pas plus de 3 personne dans la catégorie

Serge Junior Picard

Those rules are almost the same as NAGA excet for a TRHOW...4 points.

And I respect wrestlers and every style even if Aguzzy said the opposite. Anyway Like I said I know many wrestlers and they Have many more takedown than only shoot. I have nothing against shoot neither pull guard if you use good way but I think 4 points will increase stand up level for everybody.

My tourney Is supposed to be june 5th but I could put it another date because there is a tourney in ontario and I would encourage quebec fighter to go there... so telle me what you think.

First at the opposite of others I dont do it for $. In fact I wanna create an association who will deserve all grapplers. I wanna create a tourney almost FREE. My goal for my next tourney is 30$ and the next on 20$. Double elimenation so at least 4 fights. Girls for free. With the association we could have: database of each competitor, calandar for all tourneys, all dojo-team-school would be on a book for free advertising, seminar, referee federation, insurance, income taxes credit (after 2 years if you are on canadian or provincial team), a newspaper each month who will announce tourney and results...