C#NT at Disney World

Strattone was just smoking a cig in the smoking area minding his own business when:

Lady (with small daughter with another in a stroller): You're not suppose to smoke here

Strat: Ma'am, yes you can look right beside you (points to cigarette dispenser where another man is smoking.

Lady: uhm no you can't.

Start: Actually you can this is one of the three spots you can, look in your map they are labeled.

Lady: You're gross (but with an evil look on her face and pure hatred.

Strat: uh no that would be you (have her the up and down look)

Ok I'm not trying to say smoking is great or anything but which was worse? Me smoking in a designated section or a lady belittling someone in front of their child?

No problem of you don't like smokers but I didn't deserve that. Phone Post 3.0

I would have spit in her face and then laughed at her. Phone Post 3.0

You were in the right. Fuck sanctimonious cunts like her!!

what you do is drop the cigarette on the ground and step on it and say "you're right ma'am. It's a disgusting habit and I'm sorry"

Then lean down to grab the cig off the floor and say "don't wanna be a litter bug."

As get down to one knee use all of the strength in your body to push up and

FALCON PUNCH! that bitch right off the screen. Phone Post 3.0

Blow smoke right in her monkey face Phone Post 3.0

You're both right.

She's an asshole and you're disgusting. Phone Post 3.0

Why not just blow smoke in her face until she goes away? Phone Post 3.0

You should have told her kid that smoking was cool lol

Wow what a bitch

I feel sorry for her husband. Phone Post 3.0

Massive cunt, you were following the rules. No need for her to initiate a confrontation and then act like being wrong doesn't matter because she thinks your habit is gross.

Great role model for her kid.

Also LFTM is 100% correct.

Imagine being married to that. She probably uses her kid to manipulate her husband at home.

As a father I wouldn't be too impressed, designated or not, with someone smoking in Disney World.

I hate people like her Phone Post 3.0

You should have looked right at her kid and pulled some of this shit......

.........then gave the child a 'when you grow up you too can do this with a little hard work and dedication' speech!

quick - As a father I wouldn't be too impressed, designated or not, with someone smoking in Disney World.
Yup and I have no problem with someone feeling that way. I would assume you wouldn't be like her though. Phone Post 3.0

Should have threw a milkshake in her face. Then head faked her kid. Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - It's weird people are so concerned with what others do Phone Post 3.0
I agree man. She just wanted a fight. It's just a guess but I assume I may have looked like or represented someone from her past that has wronged her. Phone Post 3.0

quick - As a father I wouldn't be too impressed, designated or not, with someone smoking in Disney World.

It's a filthy habit but I wouldn't be pissed at the smokers in a designated area. Walk around and keep you kids away from the damn smoking areas, not a big deal. If there is anyone to be pissed at it would be Disney for creating such spaces, but why shouldn't they? Do you really want to be stuck in a place like Disney World with a bunch of wigged out smokers whose kids are getting on their nerves and they can't escape all day long to light one up, calm their nerves? Sure, those are the people I want to be stuck in long lineups with all day. Let them have their smokes!

Something similar happened to me at a park. Me and my two sons were at the park, I was exhausted and the wife was at home with our newborn daughter. Boys are playing so I light up a cig, about 60 yard from play ground. Little girl comes up behind me with her mom a little behind her. Little girls says "don't you know smoking is bad for you?" . I replied "so is talking to strangers." Her mom was chirping in how rude I was. I was like sorry to be rude but she can't go around telling adults how she thinks it is, some strangers are not fucking around with her. Phone Post 3.0