c@#t f#@kery!

Fuking faggotry. Champs sporting goods....you shitting me riht? I needed a ballcup and the fukers dont stock it? WTF....tapout shirts, sports jerseys and shorts dont fukin make sporting goods fukstiks.

Another syptom o why we cicling the koddam drain....nation of fans and spectators. Bunch o fukin cant fuks...."yea go team"

 I found a pair and they had my XXLARGE size cup for my balls. What size where they out of for you?

walmart franklin baseball cup compression shorts. f t m f w

XXL supporter.....small cup :(

Seriously though, been in a piss-poor mood for the last few days cause my shoulder is bugging the fuk outta me and I just can't understand this stupid shit.....IT A FUKING SPORTING GOODS STORE NO? They have faggy bag and boxing gloves. Tapout queer shirts, Air Jordan fheg shoes.


Went to Mccully bike....no problem, but fuk no at Champs!

FCTV808 - walmart franklin baseball cup compression shorts. f t m f w

true story. I am convinced a hurricane could come through and they would not move an inch leaving your baby makers unharmed.

the franklin's sound pricey and I don't TRANE with a cup much,mine cost $10.Good enough and the shit package is small enough it won't move around much :(

lol at franklin being pricey! GO AND BUY IT NOW! it's like $18 and please tell your balls not to thank me later.