C.U. in trouble..No suprise

Allowing a female to be part of a mens college football team was/is a very bad idea and a formula for trouble. Did anyone think she would be welcome on the team? What happened to her was wrong but it most likely would have happened at any school. No 18 to 22 year old guy wants to be on the team with the "girl". Sorry, but thats just the truth and letting this girl play for the sake of equality was completely short sighted and irresponsible. I know these days you're supposed to keep everyone happy and play nice nice but whatever happened to common sense.

Exactly, what ever did happen to common sense?? For instance, if a girl says "I don't want to have sex with you", and I'm a seasoned pro at this, common sense tells you that RAPING HER IS STILL WRONG. Whether or not she was on the football team is moot, and the "formula for trouble" line is only a half step above "she was dressed slutty" on the bullshit excuse for being a rapist list. Letting the girl play for the sake of equality was neither short sighted or irresponsible. What WAS irresponsible was the actions of the (alleged) rapist.

Letting the girl play is a separate issue, and Barnett did not get this. If she sucked, she should not have played period. But that is unrelated to the rape charges.

Strippers, rape allegations...if anything else comes out (or if Barnett makes more boneheaded comments), then both he and the prez should hang. Barnett may hang anyway

actually barnett should hang for simply saying he put someone on the team who was horrible!

his job is to coach the football team. and have the best possible players on the team.

the president should hang for not allowing a safe enviroment for the girl who was raped.

even though the guy who raped her was a football player. if it did not happen during "football time", the players are the responsibility of the school!

he should definatly be fired! Coach Barnett, your rebuttal to a girl accusing players of rape is that she was a girl and a horrible football player? Come on! I'm a huge Colorado fan, lived most my life there but I am currently searching for a new team to root for until Barnett is gone. "I was unaware" is not a good excuse. For a head football coach at a major university he doesn't seem to be aware of much. Not their scouting habits, female players getting raped, doesn't seem like he pays much attention and he's a prick! Get him out, screw this leave bullshit!

he has proven that either he is a liar or that he is a terrible coach

take your pick, he should be fired for either

I saw his remarks that she was a terrible kicker. Has anyone seen what question led up to that statement? Maybe he was asked if she was a good kicker. If that is the case then this is a perfect example of a quote being taken out of context.

He was asked for his opinion of whether or not the girl's claim was credible, and what his stance would be if the allegations were true. He responded that she was a horrible kicker and couldn't put the ball through the uprights.

Since I couldn't kick a football through the goalpost from anything further than the 10 or so, I guess that makes everything I say a lie also. Plus, since I can't kick, I guess that makes me open game to get raped.

WOAH! Slow down fellas! I don't condone what happened at all. It's not the girls fault, she was chasing her dream. My problem with it is the fact she was even on the team. An obvious publicity stunt for the school that ended in the worst possible way. My basic point is D-1 college football players are not your typical student athletes. These guys are the alpha males of their age groups with a lot of testosterone and little common sense. This type of environment,left unchecked,is the last place to put a girl.

Katie Hnida is kicking for New Mexico now.

Barnett is a good coach. the funny thing is all these girls that claimed they were raped hwve 0 proof. None. Their cases are all going to be thrown out be the courts and the only thing that will happen is Barnett's name will be trashed. He had a 1 Am curfew for his players on recruiting trips, was known as one of the tougher coaches as far as discipline. It is a witch hunt and these bitches are going to do nothing but tear down the school. Its reall a shame.


I just find it way too ironic that all these cases come up YEARS after the fact. Who knows if they are true or not. However, the recruiting practices are Barnett's responsibility due to the fact that he's the coach. If he didn't know, he should have! So he will be knocked for that one.

As far as Katie Hnida, I believe she was already on the team when Barnett became coach right? And it was not a publicity stunt by the school. In fact that school and athletic dept. do not get along. It's not a good situation so I doubt that the football program was working with the academic part of it on a publicity stunt. Just wouldn't happen at that school.