C. Woodson at Safety?

Last Sunday night in Oakland vs the Tampa Bucs. Charles Woodson was playing safety.

I was at the game so I could not hear the TV broadcasters comments. Nobody I talked to noticed this when I asked them, so I was wondering if anybody saw the game on TV and if they announced him in the starting lineup as playing Safety instead of Corner.

I saw him line up safety in the 1st drive and it looked like he was playing Safety on most downs.

Anybody notice this and did they mention it on TV?
The Raiders keep their info under wraps but surely this must have been mentioned by the announcers.

He had a sack and a forced fumble.

i only watched a bit of the game....but are you sure he just wasn't playing the slot corner in the nickle or dime packages?

No I am not sure. When the game started it looked like he and Ray Buchanon were both playing safety.

Maybe they started in a nickle and he was covering the slot, that does make sense. I was curious if anyone that saw the game on TV remembers them mentioning this.

Woodson played free safety in high school at Fremont Ross. He played a little running back as well, enough to win Ohio's Mr Football in 1999.

I dont pay much attention to the announcers but they never said anything; Woodson is playing corner, might look like he is a safety in a nickle or dime zone defense. Man did Buchanon have his hands full against the Texans WR Johnson. That guy is a monster...reminds me of David Boston when he played for Arizona.