I will take a "lucky" win over an unlucky loss any time.

Cincy wins their division. Wild Card teams are Pit and SD, Denver and Indy top 2 IMO.


I also think the Jags will get in


I think Pittsburgh will win the division actually.....and the Jaguars will NOT get the wild card, leaving SD and Cincinatti as the wild card teams.

It's on this sunday... gonna be another wild one with the bolts on top and me collecting my money. I fear no team when we are on point.. NO TEAM.... bring on the Colts

fuck I barely even check the NFL forum

SD,the Raiders are only 11 point underdogs,WTF?!

Can't you guys do better than that?

I got nuthin.............

That's it? ahh what do they know!

C is for cookie

C is for CUNTS!

LOL,thats close!