C19 Vaccine Reaction Testimonies / Reactions

I lucked in to getting a shot of AstraZeneca today! (Our vaccine roll out is very slow, so wasn’t expecting any shot for a couple months).

Looks like I probably have the vaccine hesitant crowd to thank as I was told there was a bunch of cancelled appointments, so they had extra for people in my age bracket. Thanks goes out to da vaccine pussies :wink:

No side effects as of yet, but so long as my skin doesn’t peel off or my brain explode, I’ll be happy.


Awesome news!

very difficult to track a long thread like this without a page system

Nice to agree on something, EY!

Yes, I was looking for reactions.

Because we both know the numbers provided by rushinbear were not accurate.

I think he’s an honest guy but just doesn’t understand how the testing works.

None of what you replied made any rational sense.

Basically, if you don’t get the vaccine you’re going to kill grandma.

This is the first forum I’ve ever posted on that doesn’t use pages.

It’s like we’ve gone back in time to the beginning of the internet.

bring back the page system.
this scrolling this is not cutting it.
also the scrolling refresh rate is making me dizzy


Was supposed to get my second shot on the 6th. They pushed it back to June to get more first doses in arms.


thank you people.

Or is it an error?

anyways, gracias

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Oh yeah, that’s a relevant opinion, fam :roll_eyes:. You fucking pussy.

relevant opinion here:

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Correlation. Admit you were wrong about sandy hook.

I remember when they poisoned Sara Stickles and she went into a coma. To pour salt in the wound, they wouldn’t even let her family in to see her in her last moments.

EY. Why don’t you just estimate for us how many have died from Covid versus how many have died from the vaccine. I know you will present numbers your way but give it a shot. And then let us know if those numbers suggest whether the vaccine was worth it. Thanks

Not sure what’s going on with this one. Is it someway related to folks dying from Covid in the hospital and families were not allowed to visit?

Going in for my 2nd Pfizer, wish me luck

Second Moderna early next week