C6 Z06 - New info...........

For those who are interested I have come across some new info relating to the new Z06:


7.0 litre

Will have a dry sump oil system

2 new colours

dual mode exhaust

Magnesium will be used in the frame

12 inch rears


Said to resemble the coupe but on "massive steroids"

No convertible or targa

More than likely 427 cubes

No automatic tranny

Here is a spy pic of the C6-R, if a bluenamer would be so kind:



Runflats are a huge mistake.

All the sideways baseball cap wearin' weasels the dealerships hire instead of real men will toast the wheels trying to get these tires on them with astonishing regularity.

They also ride really badly.

Agreed, runflats suck :(

I would rather the runflats not be there, but at the same time they are selling a car with no spare tire and the runflats aren't terrible, just not optimum. It is easy enough to put your own tires on anyway so I don't think it is that big of a deal.

What do you guys think about the other info? Thought there might be more of a response to this.

Well.............adding a spare tire kit, whether a donut or inflatable, would go a long way to not leaving your car in overtown, miami when you run over broken glass in your quest for the perfect rock.


Come on, I just told you the new Z06 is going to be pumping 500 horses out of a 7.0 liter 427 engine, and all you can talk about is the runflats?

They are a huge problem and can ruin an otherwise good car.

Sadly, it seems you can't see out the back end of this new one.

Might come in handy when a carrera GT blows past.

Whatever, a Carrera GT is built for a totally different market than the Z, people will actually have a Z as their DD. Comparing the two is stupid.Like I said the new runflats on the C5 Z06 are not that bad. Fuck, there are people running well into the 11's on the stock tires.

Have you driven on runflats?

I have and I know that they don't ride the best, the ride is a little louder and rougher than with non runflats.

But with all the things that they have done right on this car I think it is silly to get stuck on something that can easily be changed by the owner.

At 500hp/475tq this car is going to be a monster and wipe the floor with cars costing a lot more. 500hp is easy to get out of a 427, simple bolt ons and tuning are going to see some major gains in this engine.

Oh well, I am excited as hell about this car and am not going to let runflat tires ruin it for me.

Are they going to have an option for a real rear suspension? Can I get bitches with this car?

as opposed to a fake suspension?

yeah, they need a real rear suspension. The C6 handles terribly now.


Look, there comes a point in time where moving on to leading edge space age technology like say, COIL SPRINGS becomes desireable not only because it's better but also because the older technology is simply more expensive. Do you guys seriously not see anything iffy about the rear end on those things? Do you look at the suspension and thing "gee, that's just another perfectly good way to suspend a car, nothing to see here"?


For sure?

Get out no way!

"Look, there comes a point in time where moving on to leading edge space age technology like say, COIL SPRINGS becomes desireable not only because it's better but also because the older technology is simply more expensive"

lol. "Older" technology is cheaper than newer technology. Try again.


Try pricing out some vacum tubes and compare that to what transisters cost. And how are those cheap ass porcelain dishes working for you? Good thing you didn't buy that expensive plastic stuff.

No, older technology is more expensive and that's a primary reason it gets replaced with new technology.

lol You can try that again if you want.

Why older technology is cheaper:

R&D costs are written off.

Machinery and production costs are written off.

Older, proven manufacturing methods are typically cheaper.

Obviously, you know little about auto manufacturing, or manufacturing in general.

Newer technology only replaces older technology if it reduces costs or increases performance.



Sounds like you have watched the Top Gear C6 video too many times, and those crazy brits are starting to brainwash you.

Would coil overs be nice? Yeah sure they would.

Does the current suspension do its job? You bet.

Just over a month now until it is unveiled, I can't wait. Hopefully we will see some spy pics start to roll in as the unveiling gets closer.