CA gun owner ?'s

I have a friend who is a LEO in CA.  A couple of months ago, he bought (through gunbroker or some other online auction) a revolver which is not legal to own in CA unless you are a LEO.  The transaction went smoothly and transfer to CA was fine until a couple of days ago when his transfer agent here in CA said that he needed a signature or something from his C/O stating that he was going to carry it as a on-duty weapon in order to own it or something like that (obviously he is not going to carry a 30 year old revolver as a duty weapon).  I told him he didn't need to do that based on this (right?):


Effective immediately, peace officers who have legislative authority to carry and use firearms may, without a letter signed by the head of their agency or the agency head's designee, purchase non-rostered handguns and/or large capacity magazines. The peace officer must present a valid peace officer identification card and the dealer must retain a copy of the identification card on file. (PC 12132 & 12133). A letter is still required from the head of the agency to exempt the peace officer from the ten day waiting period. (PC 12078).


Am I right?  Or is illegal for him to own this without a letter?

call the ca DOJ

the most fucked up thing in cali is, if you're a resident of another state, you can bring in any gun to ca except assault weapons.

so whats illegal to buy here, is legal if you bought it else where legally

From what I've been told and read, you are correct.

I want a 20x102mm rifle firing a mix of DSAP and API...Just in case.

Wow, you can't buy a revolver in CA? The gun nuts usually outlaw high cap semi autos and whatnot.