CA: here’s a no interest 17% loan to help you buy a house

They also sometimes have loan limits. And their rates right now are somewhere between 4.25%-6%

I haven’t see one in about a month though.

“They already get…”

Like they should be on bended knee thanking the Gov’t for the VA.

I love the VA personally, and will never go back to private healthcare. It’s leaps and bounds better than what I used to have.

How many of them do you think though were only able to buy a house because of the zero down?

30-yr fixed VA 5.295%

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It’s not about “only able to…because of”. Unless they have money and can get a loan for much better it is almost always the best option. It’s something like 80% of all veterans buying their first house use the VA loan (don’t quote me on that number lol)

Zero down isn’t even the biggest benefit of a VA loan, no mortgage insurance makes a bigger difference.

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Yup forgot about MPI

10 years later whitey moves in and it 2009 again


Its fucking terrible. Its a joke. World class state of the art is the only acceptable.


Are being purposefully deceitful?

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what do you mean?

You are a veteran. Did you not use your VA home loan benefit?

‘Ppfffttt…i don;t need that, i’m ballin’!"


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I’m waiting for the market to come back down. It’s ridiculous out here right now. I’m in no rush!

But you have looked into it and understand how it works, correct?


I have. I am definitely going to use it when the time is right

Just a genuine question here, because i’ve never researched it, but what is the default rate among veterans who use the zero down va loan?

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Damn lol I thought he was being kinda genuine for once. Back to never talking to him.

Lol do any of you have a point? It appears not!