CA: here’s a no interest 17% loan to help you buy a house

All I said was I never looked up the default rate lmao.

So, you know the amount you are allowed to get for a loan is based on your income and spouse if you have one, not partners/girlfriends only a legal spouse’s income will be considered.

They will not give you more than you can afford

Yes I know. Me and mrs sp have been pre approved

If you’ve done any kind of research or understand math you understand the down-payment on a house has very little effect on your monthly payment.

Hence i would assume the default rate for vets is the same or less than the average home owner

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True, not on the monthly payment itself, but on the overall ability to get the loan, it makes all the difference

And that’s exactly why this shouldn’t be that big of a deal! People are acting like everyone is going to default

For a no down payment loan?

No part of your down payment, if you need one, can be a loan. It changes your debt to income ratio and yoir credit score

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The average Joe can’t get a zero down loan though

This so much…

Do you work?

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You know it! Roll in at 9, punch out at 5

Sure they can

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lol, I just realized you were asking how many people default on VA loans. Looks like it was about 7% last year:

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sounds good to me

New day, still a horrible idea

Let’s create another housing bubble giving money to people who can’t afford to repay the loans.

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“make it possible for more people to set their children and grandchildren on a path to success,” said Atkins”


Don’t these maniacs also support inheritance taxes?

These aren’t the kind of people that would have inheritance to tax. Politicians are playing both sides as usual.