CA State Champ. - Who's going?

CA State Championships are this weekend in Fresno. Anybody coming? I talked with some of the organizers, and there are very VERY few preregisterd athletes.

i am sure it wasnt intentional.

we have a few guys going. not a large group though.

As of Tuesday, there were only about 45 preregistered. That's kind of ridiculous.

Yea - it is going to be small and that is sad. it is unfortunately that I
may not go either - there is nothing on the agenda for the meeting and
gas prices are at 2.45 per gallon.

I may see some - but haven't decided yet - my juniors are probably
going later on, but we are not set yet.


I was there. I think they said the final number of competitors ended up being in the 70's or 80's. There were 2 mats on the floor for fights.

California is one of if not the biggest Judo state in the country, and they only had 75 or 80 players?

I guess all those JF yudanshakai were boycotting or something. Not THAT many folks go to the NY Open!

Ben R.

There are many reasons why the state championships were so small this year. NY Open is one. Another is the fact that they held the senior states separate from the juniors. The Junior states attracts close to 500 juniors. When the two are held together the Senior tournament is much bigger. The other reason is because they were charging 100 dollars entry for walk-up registration. Most of the guys at SJSU could not afford such a fee for a tournament that they heard only had 45 people pre registered.


I didn't go to New York because I have an injury. I was planning to go but things happen. How did you do by the way. I guess Josh now knows who this masked crusader is. Care to share it with the rest of the forum?

100 bucks walk up? That's crazy!

I guess not many guys from Cali will be competing at nationals this year, other than those with elite points already.

Ben R.

Actually you only need to have had elite points sometime in the last ten years. Alot of our guys chose not to go because they had a half point three years ago or so and that qualified them.

Hey John, no problem on the SJSU guys. It's just strange to me that in such a big Judo state as Cali that only 80 guys show up for the state championships.

Maybe some sort of message there, despite the 100 bucks.

Ben R.