CA Under-21 Gun Sales Ban Unconstitutional Says 9th Circuit! LOL!



Fuck yeah! Communist bastards.


“However, the ruling was not a total victory for gun rights advocates.

They had sought to block the state from requiring a hunting license for purchases of rifles or shotguns by adults under 21 who are not in the military or law enforcement.

The court ruled the hunting license requirement was reasonable for increasing public safety through “sensible firearm control.”


So they have to get a hunting license…big deal.


Oh so you’re ok with sensible gun laws?

For the most part. No guns for felons, background checks for handguns is cool. I think the hunting license thing is ridiculous, but a small price to pay.


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All forms of INFRINGEMENT are fucking unconstitutional. End of story.


emergency stay pending en banc hearing which reverses in 3,2,1…

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Im curious, and not american, but aren’t laws preventing felons from buying a gun when they get out unconstitutional too? Is there more to it than ‘the right to bear arms’ ?

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going to the range this weekend.

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New covid wave… all hunting license classes canceled until further notice!


If you follow the science…

" Gun laws create more gun violence. There should be no gun laws, sensible or otherwise" - Albert Einstein.

" Albert is correct." - Stephen Hawking.

" Fuckin’ eh right, Steve and Al." - Cain Longsteed.

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No, that’s all the constitution says. Yes it’s unconstitutional but here in California they took away open carry laws when the black Panthers were occupying federal buildings. Republicans thought it was a good idea when it was black militants with the guns, the NRA even backed it.

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Why not? SpJackson and I have some amazing conversations and dialogues based on science.

Definitely one of the OG’s most valuable contributors.

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Convicted felons are disenfranchised entirely. They loose both their right to own fire arms and their right to vote.