Cabbage killed Tank

I just watched this fight again. I can't believe there was any controvsery. Cabbage connected with solid punches and knees. Tank was a staggering, bleeding mess- he was resorting to holding on for dear life and then you could clearly see him shake his head no when the doc was checking him. Tank got smoked.

I got no problem with Tank fighting other old legends. I admit I might mark out for a fight with Shamrock or Pat Smith. But he can't hang with top heavyweights anymore.

As for Cabbage, nice fight. I look forward to seeing him fight again. I have yet to see a dull Cabbage fight. After the Kyle fight, a match-up with Kimo would be cool too (Kimo should definitely be brought back), but so would a match with McGee or Mir.

I just watched the fight for the first time on tape, because I was there for the fight. I admit it did not look that great for Tank on the video, but honestly it seemed much different live. tank's shots clearly had some effect on cabbage and I think a rematch is warranted. For those of you who didn't see it live, I can understand how you think it wasn't close, but the live fight gave a much different impression in my eyes.

There are a lot of Tank fans who seperate themselves
from reality every time that fat slob gets his ass

It's quite sad actually :(

I'm a Tank fan but he didn't want anymore. The doc ask him several times if he could see and he said he couldn't. Tank knew that would stop the fight. I would still like to see him fight some more. You never know what you will get when he enters the cage.

just keep him away from modern fighters

I agree. Like you said before. Shamrock and Tank would be a very cool fight for old school and new fans alike.

Tank quit. QUIT QUIT QUIT!

Tank got his ass whooooped!

ttt for jd