Cabbage Seminar...

What do you guys think a Cabbage Seminar would look like? haha

It would be with a bunch of hot hawaiian chicks in hula skirts giving everyone a lei at the door.



Brennan make a Ronald Jhun seminar I know alot of chicks that would pay to come see him. Then they would get beat up from your sister and that wouldn't be good. LOL

i was just about to say that when i read your first sentence.

Jhun seminar with his conditiong probally wouldn't ba a break.

I would go and I'm sure alot of the guys from GU especially the new ones would love to attend.

he would possition his class infront of a slab of concrete and make them bang their heads against it for 20 mins. Thats seem to be cabbages training regimen of choice

hitting the slab of concrete is softer then hitting Cabbage in the chin

no no no
all training now comeon

I would check out either a Cabbage or Jhun

we can all have fun after training!