Cabbage v. Telligman

Who would like to see it happen? I think Telligman wins. I don't know if by KO, but maybe a nasty cut.

Good fight, but sorry Cab would own him! Cab 100%

Great fight, but Cabbage would have a sizeable advantage due to his ridiculously good chin.

I'd really like to see Telligman fight more, I think he's one of the better Den guys. I'd like to see him fight an up-and-comer, the guy never seems to get anything other than really tough fights.

It would be very exciting.

Would be a fuggin awsome fight!
Both love to stand and throw bombs, both have reasonably good chins and both fighters come to throw down!

Now that's some good matchmaking.

telligman is a great boxer, but he's shown to have a weak chin.
cabbage would eat a lot of punches and ko tra in like round 2 or 3

I don't think Tra has a weak chin. Sure, he got
bombarded by Vitor but he stood with Igor and took
some shots during Rizzo II.

"Cabbage would beat Tre just like Sylvia beat Cabbage."


Cabbage would beat Tre 10 out of 10 times.....

What about Telligman v Tanner...

Cabbage vs Tra would be a hell of a fight!

"Cabbage would beat Tre just like Sylvia beat Cabbage." Vice versa.

whatever saying cabbage would beat tra 10 out of 10 times..that is BS...if they ever fight Tra would pick him apart..Tra maybe by tko b/c too many strikes to the head or a decision...either way Tra would win!!

Cabbage is weak to the body, like all fat guys. That's how you deal with guys who have good chins

didn't pedro have an iron chin as well...tra just about got the TKO over to Rizzo for recovering and winning...but that shows you that he has the power to put anyone out...TRA wins this fight if it ever happens...I consider Rizzo to be the better striker between him and cabbage and Tra was taking it to him in the standup....make it happen zuffa

I think it would be a good match up.

Very good match-up!
This is one the fans would definitely get into!

Nice suggestion, bflex!

I'm a huge (literally) fan of Cabbage, but I think that Telligman's striking is one of the most underrated in MMA. His punches were just nasty the second time around against Rizzo and he was winning until he got cut, and he outpunched Vovchanchin.

I would put Telligman as the fave in this fight; but anything is possible.


how bout cabbage vs rizzo

Tra has excellent boxing and he would kick Cabbages ass for awhile but then cabbage would land a few punches or a knee and put him out.