Cabbage VS Kyle who wins????

Who wins this fight? How and why? What round? I think this will be a great fight to watch, CABBAGE always comes out banging. I think Cab will KO Mike late in the first or second..................

come on guys, feedback!!!


It`s hard to judge Kyle when his original opponents always drop out.Then he gets a Ham n Egger as a replacement.If it`s a stand-up fight,I`m going with Cabbage,If it hits the ground I`m going with Kyle.Either way it`s not going into the 3rd round.

Cabbage via TKO!

Thanks for your input, but I think Cabbage can keep it standing.............

cabbage by brutal ko

I've never seen Kyle fight. Whats his style, ect? I heard he is more of a stand up fighter. I may be wrong. But if he is this could end up being fight of the night. I can't say who would win because I don't know anything about Kyle yet.

Thanks Frankie. Sounds like this may be a great fight.

I agree. This fight could start the show with a bang. If Kyle has a chin (we know Cabbage does) this could end up being one of the fights of the year.

Kyle lost a takedown contest to
Rich Crunkilton.

I know next to nothing about kyle, but thought he looked badassed to say the least in the flyers saucy previewed for us here..however, after hearing that he lost to dan "ouch! my eye again!" bobish, I don't like his chances very much.

I think this could definately be fight of the year material. Being as that Kyle is a good puncher who at 6'4" has a long reach, will get the better of Cabbage for a little while but Cabbage will get his groove and win by TKO in the 2nd round since Kyle will not be able to KO Cabbage. After the fight, even though he lost Kyle will end up being a household name much like Cabbage was after his loss to Sylvia.

Kyle will be the Underdog thats for sure.I didnt see his fight against buentello.I have seen him fight live now 3 times.He looked real good when he KOed Scary Jerry in WEC.But the other two times I have seen him fight was against some Ham n Eggers that were a late minute scratch.He trains at AKA with Bob Cook but lives in Idaho I believe.He has a intimidating appearance with KO power,but so far I have not seen him really tested or fight off his back.


I don`t know a thing about Kyle. It will interesting to see Cabbage against another big guy who can punch. If Kyle has a chin and is in shape he has a good chance he might wear Cabbage out and get the win or TKO. Cabbage does have a good punch and decent chin but he seems to slow way down if the fight goes very long. No matter what people around here say fat guys are not known for their stamina in fights.

Till I see Kyle fight I will go with Cabbage.

Mike Kyle is 6'4'' 265? I must live with another UFC bound Mike Kyle.