I think that this is a mistake? Hope Cabbage thinks about this one for awhile.

why? sapp sucks

sapp is worse than anyone cabbage has ever fought..

i just think that this guy is going to come out swinging and well it will be a mess.

Just hope cabbage starts to train seriously. If he does he will be a force to be reckoned with!! if not he will continue to lose to guys like MARSH!!

you it would suck to lose to bjj brown belts those fuckin fagets ;)

Cabbage has a hell of a left hook. My trainer is trying to get him to let go of the right hand. Once he throws it comfortably WATCH out guys are going down!!

Where, when! I haven't heard about this yet. Is it signed and if so what are the details?

old news

just a rumor!

you weren't supposed to hear about it because its not CONFIRMED

sapp would get KO'ed ..

He crumbled when hoost hit him on the side that big baby...

Sapp by KO.

Cabbage sapp would end in a double

cabbage would KO sapp and on his way down one of his wild hammer punches would land on cabbages head and KO him..

lol! nova, double ko


cabbage for sure!!!!!