Cable alternative?

yes, I had to use an IPTV, maybe it’s that interface

I have Kodi on one. I think it works out to 20 bucks every 3 months with RealDebrid and a VPN.

Honestly I dont know why it different. I assume you are using a FS, Roku,or something similar. Then you used downloader. When I was in downloader I put in 20960, then again I just noticed you said you downloaded it on a computer which might be the difference:)


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Got it figured out. Works great. My wife already stole it from me and is watching outlander or something. I’m going to divorce her. Thanks cami!

Anyone tried to access BC on a tablet (ipad)?

Hmm and this just hooks up to your TV by USB?



Probably Real Debrid links. Real Debrid is the shit.

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Do I need a fs if I have a smart tv?

These are called books. You read them.

I believe so.

BC question - is there somewhere I can view the channel line-up before signing up?

Anyone hear of forever2watch? Its an app, you pay like $180/year and it has tons of movies/shows/fights