Cacoethes Scribendi!

Can't... Stop... Posting...

Can anyone else (besides Bludhall, you addict) relate?

-Tom Bombadil

I guess you and I are the only ones [...willing to admit that we are...] addicted, huh? o_O

-Tom Bombadil

Me too, I try to work for more than a few minutes sometimes and I just freak right out. I'll go post a bit then I'll be fine.

LOL @ spirituality and rotties. 

One of the drawbacks of religion and mass media.  I remember reading a book written by a sociologist for a university class my friend was taking.

He made a good point about the problem with religious services on TV.  If you are in a church building you can get totally involved in the service without being distracted.  Unlike at home where you are watching Billy Graham and you notice your anal fever dvd on the floor.

My favourite description of the net is this " distilled entertainment"