cael sanderson in mma

In yall opinion how would cael sanderson would do in MMA

he would be wearing his ass for a hat.

I think he would kick some serious ass out there.He is a very aggressive wrestler and he would do the same in MMA I believe.He has the skills to take it to Couture wrestling wise but he also needs to learn to strike and some jiu jitsu and he would be unstoppable!

what if he joined up with team quest to train for mma. that would be insane. He is their typical mindset very low key and respectable.

Any GJJ blue belt would own him.

"Any GJJ blue belt would own him."

Dr. Brodsky,

Before I respond to this I need to know if you are
serious about that statement. It has to be sarcastic.
Please tell me your gooffing around.

I would love to see him go to Team Quest.

the guy went undefeated in NCAA, how can you say with training that he get owned?
Did Coleman go undefeated?
Did Randleman?

He is an amazing athlete. With the right training, he could be a dominant force.

why does everyone always want the elite wrestlers to go to quest...

wouldn't the best option for him be to go to somewhere like BTT or chutebox or something? i mean it's not like he needs to learn more about wrestling, team quest's best asset. let him work on what his biggest weaknesses would be ... striking and submission.

in fact... have him go train with werdum and crocop. then you'd have 3 fighters from hell

Newsflash people,

You don't have to be trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be an MMA champion. I know this is a shock to most people but it's true. Coleman, Randleman, Fedor and Couture are just a few that come to mind.

Cael would need to learn defense and escapes from submissions and a little striking. If it was a pure Vale Tudo match, Cael could just stick with what he knows. The only reason the wrestlers became less dominant in MMA was because of the rules taking away the headbutts, elbows and knees. I remember the good old days when a wrestler could just sit in the guard and headbutt the shit out of his opponent.

Oh, the memories.

yes you're right.... i guess he should go train with coleman and randleman. he's going to need better takedowns

how many times have we heard the two of them say they needed to work on their submissions?

Yes it is because of the rules that caused Coleman to get owned by Mino or Hughes to be stomped by Penn or Lindland to have his butt kicked twice in one night by Busta.

That's why he needs to learn how to DEFEND AGAINST SUBMISSIONS!

That's all Coleman and Randleman need. They never learned how to apply or defend submission holds. I've seen several times when they had the chance to finish with a kimura or an americana but didn't know how to apply it therefore missing the submission. The same goes for escapes too. They get caught in submissions that can easily be countered and they just don't have a clue how to escape them other than powering out.

His best bet would be hook up with someone who maintains a wrestling base in their training. The first name that comes to mind is Erik Paulson or Team Quest.

I believe Team Quest has mastered the transition from
pure wrestling to MMA. I also believe the best Mixed
Martial Artists are the guys who take their foundation
and build on, not change their style. With Team
Quest, he would be training with other elite wrestlers
who will be able to help Cael with the learning
process, as they have went through exactly the same
thing. Team Quest also trains in submissions and
stand up, but they rely on their instincts in battle,
and you can't teach instinct.

agreed with smy and thats why it would be good for him to train with Tquest.

Wrestling is practically the cornerstone of MMA.

He would do well, hard nosed kid that can take a good shot.with great stamina, taking everyone down.

just teach the kid to strike and avoid subs.

however if you threw him in the ring tommorrow i belive hed beat more then 50% of the fighters out there just based on his wrestling ability alone.


i definitely do believe he should stick with his base... but i really would rather not see another linland type fighter.

teach him to expand from his base with great passing skills. i don't think he's going to get that at team quest.

He should put on some size and work on striking, hed be pretty nice. But you never know. Some people dont handle real fights well just cause they are an athlete.