Cage for sale by Havoc Fight Gear for $6,000 . This cage is a work of art and has been used by many big shows including King Of The Cage, I.C.E., Next Level Fighting, and O.F.A. The Ohio Fighting Alliance. Buyer will have to pick it up in Ohio. Pictures can be viewed at I am getting out of the OFA and it has to go. It is also a money maker. I rent this once a month for $1,200 so you can make your money back or just keep it to yourself. Call me at (937) 206-5148 or e-mail me at Thanks and keep this at the top if you would guys...


I attend about 40 shows a year.. and this cage is without a doubt at the top the of the list! The fighters that have been in it can attest.. it is top notch, easy to setup and sturdy as hell... most importantly.. no corners were cut when it came to safety of the athletes!

Thanks Tim for the pics. ttt

a few more pics of the cage..
stop looking at the girls and pay attention to the cage!!

no problem Scott!! I will be in touch soon!!

I agree with Tim, I go to a shitload of shows a year and I dont believe that many cages are of the same quality as this onw.

I have seen two neer 300lbs guys slamming each other against the fence and the cage took it without even a hint of a problem.

this is a steal for those that are looking for a cage

6,000 US is pretty cheap

This cage would roughly cost about $9,000 but I have to sell it. Shit happens and we go on. ttt

This is one cage built to last. Solid steel construction and pieces together like a puzzle with very little bolting. It assembles in 2 1/2 hours and breaks down in about 45 min. ttt

As I fighter, I can agree that this is a "top notch" cage. One of the best, sad to see it leave the O.F.A, but a great buy for another promotion.

Are the chicks included? Or are they optional? I'll bet they are optional for such a low price of 6k. Nice cage by the way. It does sound like a good deal.

The chicks do not go with it but maybe we can talk Tim into wearing a dress for the right amount of money JK! Thanks for the kind words about the cage. ttt

i am not wearing a dress again!!.. well, wait a minute.. how $$ are we talking about?



Tim you kill me HAHA! ttt


bogart6868, AGAIN???? Tell us about the other times. Leave the gory details out though.

I have helped take this cage down and I was really impressed at how well it was designed. I would much rather put it up and take it down than a ring any day. This is a great deal. I wish I had a place to put it.