Cage Fury this Fri online

Has Tamdan fought yet?


Sweet.... nice takedown to side control...and he must have heard me yelling at the computer to slide him knee across to get mount. Outstanding!

Jimmy Miller wins by RNC!!!

Awesome performance.

wow nice, that was a quick one

H, were you calling for the jamie approved slide the knee across to get mount?

Sultan, his fight is starting now.

The mount entry was perfect, Jamie approved! Jimmy totaly dominated once it hit the ground.

Don't worry Eddie, I am a cheap fuck too and Tj was cool enough to give me a play by play.

rd 1 was tough to call...good action so far.

tamdan by rnc, rnd 2.

Thanks to the folks giving me play by plays...

How's the Tamdan fight going?

Ricco is getting better at putting on the belts.

OK...main event coming up.....

CFFC Middleweight Title

Jose Rodriguez (Rhino Fight Team) VS Dan Miller (AMA/Renzo Gracie)

Lets go Dan Miller!

Congrats Tamdan! Still undefeated...

LOL at dr Jim getting a plug on the AMA banner.

Dan wins rnd1 easy.... takedown to some gnp that I thought was going to end it...then they got back to their feet, and right away dan gets another take down for some mor egnp to end the round.

Where are you watching these?

cage fury's web site...

Dan wins rd 2 easy....lands a nice 1-2, then when his man thinks it is a boxing match, Dan shoots and takes him down, then gnp the rest of the round.

I'll be cheap too especially if the event is almost over and only a webcast.

Dan dominates rd 3 as well.... alot of gnp.