Cage Fury this Fri online

Damn, the broadcast got all messed up at the end of round 3 by me. Dan Miller wins the decision. Too bad I missed the armbar attempt.

I thought he had the arm bar, that guy was tough as hell....after 3 rnds of GNP he was not going to give up that arm.

AMA goes 3-0. Very nice.

H, will I see you on Mon? I am making a guest appearance.

I'll definitely be there. Fashionably late as usual.

excellent. Hey, I hear big Dave is training again, have you seen him, or is that just a story?

I have not seen him. Derek and Brian are back, but I have yet to see Dave.

TTT freaking T for Jimmy and Danny Miller...not only are they great training partners but they are great people as well....Volo and my man James Meals are next in line to take some people out!!!!! Also props to Helwig for winning his debut at 205!

Congrats to Jimmy and Dan Miller!!

They looked great Jeff.

some pics


they were always ass kickers...right from the start..and im sure they r only getting better with their new team now

again...huge congrats to ama going 3-0