MAY 15 @ Riehle Brothers Tavern, Lafaytte,In
All Ages, Fights start at 7:30
I have general admission tickets availble $20.00
I am from Ft. Wayne area and fighting in this event, if you wnt tickets call me. (260)244-4263


cage rage is already an english show,im sure the name is copy righted too

Is this a pro show?

no, am.
yea and its in england, and this show has been around for awhile, who cares

Im fighting in the show too, but I think the name is caged rage, with a d, that would take care of all copy right infringments

vale whats ur name & wieght

You might care when the Cage Rage UK guys sue you, especally as they are trying to make it a BIG event.

And cage rage has been going since the summer of 2002.

well this one has been going since at least 2001,maybe longer.
why does there have to be an ass on every thread?

cage rage 1 7/15/2000

this thread is about to get good

im just trying to help promote the show and sell some tickets, thats all

snaggle toothed

eric newell 365lbs, just joking, 145, fighting at 140

Is this event associated with Jim Thomas out of Richmond, IN.?

cool, good luck man, talk to you at the show

I believe that it is Chad Wagner's show, I talked to him this morning, cool guy



All good with this show. Chad Wagnore and the guys form Cage Rage have been doing shows since 1999 when I was and maybe before. Great quality show, and they treat the fighters good. we will be there.