Cage to Ring or Ring to Cage? ....

Which is the tougher adjustment for a fighter?

ring to Cage it seems.

HKP, are you considering rule differences when you say that? Im talking about the surroundings.

Surroundings . Havent We experienced that lately with Pride Fighters coming over and feeling uncomfortable in a cage ?

Cage fighters went to Japan and faired well.

what I'm saying is Pride had different rules so the rule adjustment might be more of a factor than the cage. you can't use Pride fighters as your only argument.

True , not with all the different surroundings popping up. Just seems to Me its Ring to Cage confusion vs. Vice Versa.

Ring to cage by far. Hmmmm But then again, if your whole style is based on the cage, getting stuck in a corner of a ring against a good striker would suck to.

Pick one and stick with it imo.

EM, there are 8 corners in a cage though ,and a lot of good fighters who still have success based on fighting in the cage.