Cage vs, Street Fighting

So, I'm reading yet another thread on how pro fighters have gotten beat in street fights. Why is that such a surprise. You see, UFC, PRIDE, KOTC fighters are some of the best KNOWN fighters in the world who compete under MMA rules. They are not killers nor are they super badasses. I always shock folks when I say that I only cage fight in order to sharpen my skills for possible street altercations. You see, to me, a cage/mma fight is like the ultimate sparring match to me because of all the rulse. Do you think I'd try to bridge and roll if some guy full mounts me in the street? Hell no! I may brigde just enough to reach down and crush his groin, or pull him closer to me so that I may bite his torso in order to escape that way.

To some, this is dirty fighting. But I call it survival, which is all that matters on the street. And most of the cage fighters really don't practise what to do when faced with multiple attackers. That's why they get their asses kicked so easily. To me, it's it makes more sense in a multiple attacker situation to either run, grab any weopon close by, or get my back against a wall so that at least no one can get behind me. If all else failed, I'd pick one victim in the crowd, clinch, pull him to my guard, and chew his face off until his face and neck look like a pit bull got it, because in those situations you're gonna catch some lumps, might as well share the pain.

Unfortunately, some of these cage fighters think they can take on an army just because they have dominated in SPORT fighting. Maybe more NHB based gyms should also teach real world fighting tactics.


Cedric "Spider Man" Marks


The funny thing is that many of these " sport fighters" would whoop on the street faster than in the cage.

My money's on the trained athlete, every time.

Well said Spidey. I agree. Dirty fighting is a redundant term. Unless you are talking about a match, there is no such thing as dirty fighting. You do what it takes to survive, no more, and certainly no less.

All factors being the same, I'll go with the trained athlete! LOL at the fuctards that still believe in the mystical "groin attack!"

I have been hit so hard in the groin that the next day my balls were black and blue...guess what? Didnt faze me one bit, guess the adreniline kept me from feeling it.

True, sometimes it's hard to make someone feel a groin attack when they are hyped up on anger, but it can prove effective in many cases. I was only using that as many of the tactics that are used in the street. Plus, I've seen many guys almost cry trying to get away from someone who was biting the crap out of them, even when hyped on maddness. While biting is something that I'd rather not use because of uncounted diseases, you can damned sure bet that if my life depends on it, it'll be Dawn Of The Dead up in that mutherf--er!!! Afterwards, I'll just gargle with bleach;-)

But all other aside, true, I'd take the trained athlete in MOST cases, but there are always those "X" factors walking around who took a Paul Vanuk Jeet Kune Do course on biting and groin smashing 101 that you gotta be mindful of. Like I said before, it just covers your ass if you're a fighter to not only train for the cage, but for real life situations also.


I agree on most your points..alot of people live in a dream world thinking that MMA is the end all say all to street fighting..

A trained Mixed Martial Arts fighter will win hands down against a unarmed opponent possibly two maybe three unarmed opponents or at least do enough to escape. But bring weapons into the situation or multiple, multiple opponents and space for fighting, footing, and it all changes.. anyone that doesn't know that hasn't seen many street fights I will tell you that.

I have never fought professionaly but have handed a few tougher, bigger, more violent guys there ass in seconds in bar fights with simple MMA techniques.. be careful watch your surroundings, scan the enviorment keeping your eye open for trouble, be ready to blast and run and do whatever it takes like you said to survive..which includes taking my car keys and stabbing a thug tough guy in the eye as hard as I can when he interupts my safety and freedom.