Cage Warriors 63 in Dublin on New Year's Eve

Plenty of big CWFC bouts on the card, including two title fights and the promotional debut of John Maguire. The event streams live on New Year's Eve. for all the details.

Featherweight champion Jim Alers and challenger Graham Turner both took the time out to blog for ahead of tomorrow's fights. Check them out:

Jim Alers (talks about leaving Alliance too)

Graham Turner

Subbed for later.

Cage Warriors brings it for solid, FREE MMA. Might see Alers knocking on the UFC's door with an impressive win here. Phone Post 3.0

Many fond memories of being at live CW shows.

John maguire, hell yes!! Phone Post 3.0

BigfootsChin - John maguire, hell yes!! Phone Post 3.0
Love that guy, but he has a stiff test (potentially) in front of him in Philip Mulpeter out of Conor McGregor's gym. Young guy with solid stand-up and improving grappling. Good litmus test to see where John is in his career. Phone Post 3.0

yo , it's on.

I LOVE DIAZ (no homo) -

yo , it's on.
That work in teh UK? Phone Post 3.0

Nope.... Phone Post 3.0

^it said this link was for international viewers this might work.

Alers is one to watch, he is on most top 10 prospect lists to be signed by UFC/Bellator/WSOF.

With a win tonight he probably will get offers from Bellator, WSOF and maybe the UFC.

Wow beautiful job by Alers, that was great.

Maguire vs Mulpeter sounds good gonna go with SBGI here.

good fight going on right now rnd 4./

reversals galore on the ground although Buchinger has been doing good this round.

Great main event. Easily be a ufc fight in 2 years. Unbelievable scrambles Phone Post 3.0

Great main! Lost a little coin on Ray, but what fantastic grappling from both guys. Ivan has been around and paid his dues at CWFC, so he deserves the belt for sure.

Alers, on the other hand, came through for me. Phenomenal grappling - sick sweep, a lateral drop, and a beautiful North-South choke! What a talent this guy is. Phone Post 3.0

Enjoyed the night as always with Cage Warriors. Great to see Ash Daly back in the win column. Alers looked phenomenal; he's gonna make the step up soon without question. The Maguire/Mulpeter fight was very, very close and fair play to Buchinger overcoming some very hairy moments to take the lightweight belt.

Looking forward to the next one in March.

Replay starting on MMA Junkie now for anyone who missed it.

Video highlights, enjoy.