Cage Warriors live prelims starting soon.

Some live free MMA for you on a Friday afternoon.

Cage Warriors fb prelims start in about a hour or so. Che Mills and Ronnie Mann on the main card. Phone Post

CW is always good. When it's free it's even better! Phone Post

Just started now. Phone Post

Live stream link Please!

Yesterday said they would be showing it free and today I NOTHING on their site about it.

Won't be able to only watch three pro MMA show today and tomorrow. I need to watch four damn it!

I could not get the prelims up at mmajunkie but I did get them up on Cage Warriors facebook page.

Here is where to watch:


Premier Sports | United Kingdom
Setanta Sports 1 | Ireland
Fight Now TV | USA
Fight Network | Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Angola, Mozambique
Setanta Africa | Africa
FightKlub | Poland

MAIN CARD LIVE STREAMING BROADCASTERS | USA & Canada | Ireland | Italy | Rest of the world (excluding the UK) | United Kingdom (subscription required)
ESPN | Brazil (subscription required)

Should be able to watch the main card here in the U.S.:

MAIN CARD (, 2 p.m. ET)

Bruno "B.C." Carvalho vs. Gael Grimaud
Faycal Hucin vs. Che Mills
Ronnie Mann vs. Marat Pekov
Jack Mason vs. Vladimir Opanasenko
Mohamed Ali vs. Prince Aounallah
Sergey Grechka vs. Jean N'Doye

Coming up after this last prelim.

@ BJ Penn Forever VU Tomorrow dude thanks!

You got it man. Pumped for this fight marathon!

Were some decent fights on the Perkins to be fair Phone Post

I've gotta watch SFL, I just can't help myself. Phone Post

Wish Schiavello and Pat or Bas called Cage Warriors.

Wish Schiavello or Maro, and Bas, Pat, or Frank did English announcing of M-1 and Jungle Fight. They could do "announce over" commentary like they did for the English Pancrase commentary in the 90's.

Gonna try to watch all the Cage Warriors shows in 2014. I have not been keeping up with em. Want to find a way to watch M-1 and Junlge Fight too.

Maro and Bas would be great calling Jungle Fight and M-1 shows.

I missed the end of the last fight, was putting coffee on. How did it end? who won?

Ronnie Mann looked great. Almost had the gogoplata.
Che Mills up now against a frenchman.

Che just took about 20 shots to many Phone Post 3.0

Wow Phone Post 3.0