Cage Warriors Sign Channel 4 TV Deal

Cage Warriors have signed a landmark deal with Channel 4. The news was broken this afternoon with a casual tweet from CWFC boss Graham Boylan.

Also on Twitter, Cage Warriors' Paul Dollery fleshed out details of the deal:

"As per @GrahamBoylan's tweet, starting with August 16's #CWFC70 in Dublin, @CageWarriors action will be broadcast on Channel 4.

Channel 4's CWFC coverage will initially take the form of a midweek highlights show after each event, which is a great start.

But, all going well, there'll be scope for a lot more. Channel 4's attitude to MMA is open-minded, so tune in and convince them to do more.

CWFC on Channel 4 is a great chance for MMA fans to show that the sport can have a place on terrestrial TV. Turn on your telly and watch it."

Dollery also said that the live broadcast deal with Premier Sports would continue alongside the new arrangement and confirmed that Cage Warriors will also be available on the 4oD catch up service.

To say this is a big deal for Cage Warriors and MMA in the UK is an understatement. With obvious benefits for both the promoter and fighters in attracting sponsoring- and a chance to help move the sport towards the mainstream. The regularity and consistent quality of the Cage Warriors product must make it an attractive property to the broadcaster.

From American football to Kabaddi and sumo, Channel 4 has always been willing to give airtime to sports that are outside the mainstream. Other relationships between terrestrial broadcasters and MMA promotions in the UK have ended in tears, but on paper- this link up looks a good fit.


Hope we get to see more mma on tv again, we used to get a decent amount about 10 years ago with cage rage and ufc but dont get much anymore apart from when channel 5 decide to show the ocasional fight. Phone Post

As a UK user, this is sweet sweet nectar to my ears. Well done Cage Warriors!! Phone Post 3.0

That is the deal UFC should have been going for.

Great news. Even if it just starts as a highlights show. Hopefully enough ppl will watch and it could start showing live events. Problem would be which channel they would put live events on given the Saturday nights for most cards. Phone Post 3.0

Great news for Cage Warriors!


Good news. Can only be good and hopefully expose more to the sport. Phone Post 3.0

biva - Good news! Not as good as a couple of years ago CW and UCMMA, but it's network TV, so bigger potential audience already! Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Great news, more mma on tv is great, plus with viacom buying channel 5 bellator might be shown on terrestrial tv too. Phone Post 3.0

Excellent news. Well done Cage Warriors! Due to the deal with Premier Sports at the moment I have been unable to watch but will definitely tune into Channel 4. Phone Post 3.0

CWFC confirms Channel 4 TV deal: HERE

Nice! Phone Post 3.0

Brilliant Phone Post 3.0