cagehugging. when will the hurting ever stop?

i cant be the only 1 getting tired of this.

as soon as you see someone pinning someone at a cage for strategy reasons, you know the fight is going to be incredible boring.

instead of wearing someone out, why not try to actually train hard enough so you can actually outfight someone?

When they use a ring Phone Post

^ You can still shove someone against the ropes and then we'll have to bring in the pause-and-drag-them-to-center clown show when they start to slide under the ropes.

It's the Randy factor, when one of the greatest champions made his mark with that style, people will try and emulate it. He was praised for it, others are boo'd for it. Personally i think the ref should put a 10 count on them and if the position hasn't improved they get broken.