UFC 132 Live PBP Tonight!

 I will be writing up tonights UFC 132 card Live at giving an expert Play-By-Play for all the great UFC fans out there!  Come check it out at and I'll see you there!

Please help keep this TTT :)


Hey Charles, you ever get my reply email?

Gator: if you didnt get a reply from me then please resend it I thought I replied to everyone :)

Your one tough sob the take The Crows back kick like u did. Hope to see u back in the big leagues bro Phone Post

Bo Bice: Thanks brother retired now I train fighters and run :). The kick was to date the hardest I have ever been hit in my life!

Porkchop: Thats all for me but I hope you enjoyed the fight :).

Charles, re-sent. I got your original reply, then responded to it.


Good to have you respond to this thread. Good lucky in the future.

 You seriously scored the Wiman vs Siver fight 30-26 for Wiman?