Cahill Judo Academy

Iam looking into joining willy cahills school in san bruno california im new to judo but i feel it would complement my boxing for self-defense what do you guys think ...oh yea what would you guys recomend david camarillo or cahill i dont plan on competing just for self-defense who would serve my pupose?....................thank you,, Jaime

Our club recently had a guy from Cahill's. He's tough as nails. From what I have heard, Cahill's has alot of visiting players from Japan and other countries. You probably couldn't go wrong with either though.

yama thank you for your reply what school do you attend?

Anyone else?


I trained at Willy's from 86' to 98', when I opened my own school. I still get there as often as I can for the Judo Class.


1) IMHO, Cahill's is second only to SJSU as far as quality of workout and players. Cahills is a very competative atmosphere with extremely skilled players. Go there and watch a class on Tues/Thurs 7-8:30. Look out for Pierre Sene (2-time olympian from Senegal and possibly the smoothest player I have ever been thrown by), Brett Barron (2004 Olympic coach), John Matsuoka (Probably the second smoothest player I have gone with and ranked #5 in USA), and Raul Tomayo (hard as nails but friendly and current coach of the Paraolympic team).

2) Cost effective compared to any BJJ in the area.

3) Good Newaza School


1) At times, since the training is so competative, beginner adults don't get much instruction in technique and kind of have to seek out one-on-one instruction.........but the black belts are awesome.

2) Willy has been ill lately, and we all hope and pray for a speedy recovery. He may not be there when you go.

If I can think of more, I will post.

Take care.........Judodog

wow sounds great i guess i cant go wrong and your right about the price.I already went aand check them out seems like its very effective for self-defense ,some of those guys were bad ass the way they were tossing people around.thank you very much for your reply .where did you iopen your school?

out team here at SJSU goes up to Cahill's twice a week during our winter and summer breaks. there is no way to make a bad choice by going to Cahill's.


Cahill's is a great place. Like Josh said we go up there during our breaks. The coaches are great and it's a very good atmoshphere for both senior competitors and children. They consistantly have kids with great technique in there which goes to show you the level of teaching that Cahill's has.