Cain Has a New Bail Hearing Coming Up Next Week: Will he get bail

Cain Velasquez has been granted a new bail hearing which will take place on May 16, 2022 (next week). Bail was denied for Cain’s first bail hearing.

Given that the alleged child molester is in the San Jose area also out on bail, I doubt Cain will get any kind of straight release. Maybe he’ll get some kind of home confinement with an ankle bracelet and perhaps some kind of security system that Cain has to pay for. Still I’m no sure.

If Cain got out and he did something to the alleged molester, the court system would face much criticism.

Cain might have gotten Bail his first hearing but when the judge asked him what he’s gonna do once he’s out cain said he was gonna kill the guy. No judge in their right mind granting bail in a situation like that. This second bail hearing it really depends on if Cain tells the judge what they want to hear.


Unfortunately, there’s probably no bail for him, for the very reasons the previous poster alluded to, cause he’s definitely going to be asked about it.

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This stupid ass should have hired a gang to take this guy out through an intermediary. now he through his entire life away for nothing.

Worse of all, the fool can’t even speak spanish, so he’s going to look awfully silly around the MM with no spanish and a brown pride tat.

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Wait, he actually said that? NO way they give him bail! Wow, he’s dumber than I thought!

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He shot and hit the wrong person. He’s not getting out. His reaction is understandable, but when you open fire in public and hit the wrong person - you’re going to prison and there’s no way out of it.


Yep he will get bail … enough time for his lawyers to say he’s had time to think about it and even out, surely that’s what he will say no matter what he’s thinking.

At least he was honest. But in this case honesty is not the best idea. Hopefully his lawyers tell him to not say anything like that. It kind of reminded me of that scene in Casino where Joe Pesci threatens that banker and says that when the guy recovers from getting his head busted open he is just going to come back as soon as he gets out of jail to crack his head open again.


lol Joe Pesci. That little midget couldn’t thump a pumkin in real life let alone another grown man’s head.

How many hot headed little wop fucks got lit up because they thought they were movie mafia joe pesci?


Cain speaks Spanish. I’m not saying well, but he certainly does speak enough to get by.

He will be fluent



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Wow and the same judge gives the molester bail because touching a 5 yr old over 100 times isn’t reckless and a threat to public. Fucking woke shit has gotten out of control.

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Damn I guess Judge Brown forget about the disregard for human life by releasing not one murderer. but two people

Margarita Santillan is facing murder charges for a killing on Aug. 11 on Littlewood Lane. She was also placed under SORP by Judge Shelyna Brown, who added a $100,000 bond.Basically SORPis release as Supervised Own recognizance

3 suspects/2 homicides. Charged w/ ‘murder’ and ‘accessory’. All released by judges. Two on SORP (supervised release) and one on $100k bond + SORP.

Including allowing releasing Harry Goularte(the molester)the same day he was reported to the police…what the hell is wrong with this state
But she denies Cain who would be supervised and probably afford to have an odd duty officer on the premises,

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brown is not the judge in the goularte case

I don’t think Charles Lee Haley got bail though either…but he did get the right judgment in the end!

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Wow and did so on their own recognizance, un fucking believable. Fuck this judge.

Well then they both suck ass. The whole system is fucked.

The character Pesci was portraying in that movie was a well known psychopath who was of a similar stature and well known for being extremely violent. I don’t think the mob would keep you around in that context unless you could kick some ass.The point is that saying that kind of shit in front of a judge is a really bad idea. Even now getting denied a 2nd time that has to weigh on the decision.