Cain Pleads Not Guilty ( Flashes UG Sign )

Its clearly “too much metal for one hand”

All i think about in those pictures is that Its crazy to see the people in the bay area still wearing masks.


Judge may see it as a gang sign. Cain shouldn’t be flashing hand signs IMO.


How’s that brown pride treating him now?

Should have just taken the guy down and raped him repeatedly, but no… he didn’t take my advice.

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Still waiting for Cains Brown Pride brothers to enact some street justice

He could have killed everyone in the car and it would have been warranted

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Haven’t posted this one in long ass time.


He’s got giant fingers, one in the pink is plenty. Just more proof that he is a gentleman, imo. And the thumb is for her pleasure, he gets nothing out of it.

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I thought the UG sign was the two in the pink one in the stink??

UG Sign

First you flip the bird to tell the Jack offs to eff off…

s reactions share GIF

Then you stick out your pinky to be uppity…

Nick Schonert Coffee GIF by Worcester Warriors

Lastly you give the thumbs up to be super duper cool…

Happy Days Thumbs Up GIF

And there you have the UG hand sign…

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he fucked up. i’m pretty sure he gets that.

episode 4 insult GIF by Star Wars

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Yes, 100% this. I don’t know how people continue to crack off about Cain shooting innocent people. Fuck every-single-body in that car. A pedo and his enablers, that’s who was traveling in that car.

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