Cain to JDS: You gotta get through me 1st

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                                Cain to JDS: You gotta get through me 1st

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"I'm in line next for a title," Velasquez told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on Monday. "For Junior, I have the most respect for him as well as a person and as a fighter. I think he represents the sport very well. But as a champion, if you have a number one contender, then you don't normally get to choose who you fight."

"You just have to fight the number one contender," Velasquez continued. "Then that's it. That just how I feel about it. As a champion, you just fight whoever is next in line. You don't get to pick and choose who you fight."

Velasquez isn't necessarily confused about what's going. He knows why Overeem has suddenly emerged in the picture and why that fight could be made. It's just that he doesn't see this as particularly fair. "I don't think you as champion should choose who you fight. [Junior]'s not ducking me. He's a great competitor. He's a great fighter. I just think him and Overeem and him had some words spoken back and forth to each other and he wants to fight him. He really wants to fight him first, wants to beat him. But you gotta get through me first."

The former heavyweight champion also knows that in a world where fists and chokes decide who wins fights, words and statements can often first determine who is placed in those contests.

"I see that," Velasquez acknowledged. So then why not do it even if you don't believe in the process? "That's just the way I am. I'm definitely going to go out there and show a good fight. But as far as the trash talking beforehand, that's just not my style," he explained.

"I know fans want to see that, but like I said before whoever is next in line, you have to fight him. You being the champion need to fight the guy next in line, not pick and choose who you fight."

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He already went through you. Waiting is out of the question so he should fight Cain first. Phone Post

 i rather see Overeem vs JDS

Fans dont want it Cain sorry

 He already got through you and your performance was embarassing given that it was the first Fox fight.


If Cain fought for the title and lost do you think he would drop to 205 to avoid Cormier? Phone Post

Cain has a long career ahead of him. What's the logic in rushing him into another title shot already? If he loses to Junior a second time so quick he'll be stuck in that awkward spot of better than everyone else but not the champ.

I wonder if a year from now we will be waiting for Cain vs JDS 3 to happen so that the winner can finally fight Overeem.

Frustrating. Cain is a great fighter but this is an example of Dana creating a sense of entitlement in fighters that he puts on career fast tracks. He fought 1 fight and then automatically gets the rematch?

Whether anyone likes it or not Cain was told he's getting the next shot, and so he should. I'd like to see the UFC more consistent about things like this: If you say someone's getting the next title shot then don't change your mind, period.

UFC on Fox was another example. Dana said the winner of Shogun/Vera gets the next title shot. It was disrespectful to them to change his mind and add the ridiculous stipulation that the "best performance" of the two LHW fights gets it.

Behind closed doors I'd bet there are more than a few UFC fighters pissed at Dana for shit like this and they have a right to be.

Bereal - Frustrating. Cain is a great fighter but this is an example of Dana creating a sense of entitlement in fighters that he puts on career fast tracks. He fought 1 fight and then automatically gets the rematch?

He feels entitled to it because he was told he got a title shot for beating silva.

And to whoever said his last performance on fox was embarrassing give me a break. He had a shitty fight but he is not a shitty fighter, the guy has fought good competition and only lost once. He has the ability to hang with jds and I cannot wait to see them throw down. Phone Post

Cains really got it twisted the only reason he's even in line for another shot is cause Overeems suspended. If Overeem was able to be licensed JDS would not have to get through Cain first at all.

Cain already had a shot and was KO'd convincingly in the first, he's only had one fight since against Bigfoot. He should have to get through Werdum first, who's also beat Bigfoot along with Fedor, Roy Nelson and Russow. Cain is a great fighter and a legit threat to the title but he needs at least another win to validate a second shot.

JDS vs Reem and Cain vs Werdum are the two HW fights that need to happen ASAP. Phone Post  

Except your only the no. 1 contender because the guy jds wants to fight tested positive for steroids. Also junior ko'd you in a little over a minute. He's won one fight since then and that should have been a cut stoppage. he's only even in title shot talks because Dana is trying to get the Hispanic boxing fans. So if jds wants to fight a new opponent who has been bad mouthing him and also a legit no.1 conteder instead of someone he easily finished last time, I'm all for it. Phone Post

Retreading that sounded harsher then I meant it. He is a great fighter and was respectful in this interview. I just don't think it's his turn is all. Phone Post

Not sure as to why so many are not bothered in seeing a re-match because sure the first fight was easily forgetable but hey, in this game things change very..very quickly. Perhaps Cain has something else to offer, perhaps he's learnt and developed? Never know so I would welcome it..

Overoids has no chance against JDS, no matter how much he cheats. Cain got caught, after a long layoff, it's not representative of how the two would normally match up. JDS might run through everybody and hold the belt until JJ grows up, but, Cain has a much better chance than Overoids.

Who has Overoids beaten with his striking in MMA? Lesnar the rookie? Rogers the tire salesmen? Rogers who can't beat anybody... Overoids couldn't strike with Werdum, he had to pin him down with his roid weight.

 lol wat

 lol wat

Cain doesn't deserve a title shot, no way but obviously Dana knows what he wants. I'd be upset if they gave him the Urijah Faber treatment. He needs to get back in line and beat top contenders and a win over Bigfoot isn't nearly enough. It would be different if he put up a good fight and went to war with JDS but he got smoked.

Cain lost a heavyweight match against the current champ but before that was smashing fools.

In a heavyweight match like that a fight can very easily and quickly be decided by a single punch...which is pretty much what happened.

But now he's a scrub and doesn't deserve a shot? The former champ? LOL. Whatever...

That said...I pick JDS in a rematch with the fight being more competitive this time. Still ending via KO.

I'd love to see Cain vs Overeem in a no. 1 contender match to see who fights JDS. That would solve the issue of Overeem jumping in line and Cain not earning his rematch. Phone Post