Cain Velasqeuz debut!

is anyone else excited about this guy making his UFC debut? The heavy weight division needs it bad right now and I can;t wait to see what him and Shane Carwin do in this once again barren division.

season 11

 Definitely.....HW division in general needs new blood (who's the last new HW that has panned out?) and both these dudes have the credentials to make some waves.

I'm especially hopefull that Cain lives up to the hype since he's a wrestler that likes to strike and is mexican which is a plus for this brown UGer

Certainly think that he is going to be a good one. Excited to see Shane Carwin signed as well. Cain's opponent Brad Morris looks pretty good as well from the fight clips I've watched.

grafzep could you post the clips?

a new blanket in the ufc yea!

Excited to see him too.

UFC is signing a lot of big wrestlers lately.


Good luck homie!

check out the clip of cain on under spanish..looks more like a striker

I agree with TOWE!!

Cain was a stud at ASU, I remember wrestling at National Duals on the mat next to them thinking that dude is a monster! Huge potential!!

his match with Kole Konrad was sooooo close I thought he was gonna win the national title that year... :(

fubu - a new blanket in the ufc yea!


 LOL at Cain being a blanket

That link I posted is a good fight. Hadn't seen it. That other big boy that Cain was fighting had some nice wrestling. At first...

Cain is an absolute monster! No suprise to see him in the UFC for his 3rd fight, guy is rediculous. good luck to him!

Blanket...... Are you fuckin kiddin me!!! LOL I'll be surprised if this fight hits the ground at all until his opponent hits the ground face down ass up from a headkick.

BTW, im very bias an dont know who his opponent is at all so its nothin person towards him as a fighter. Im very confident in Cains skills an abilities to be one of the best fighters in the world. I know how you sneeky lil fuckers are on this forum who like to troll fighters when they come on here.

Josh "thepunk" Thomson

Cain is going to demonstrate what the HW of the future will look like. Superior wrestling with amazing and mean striking

I have had his opponent Brad MORRIS fight for me. Brad's greatest qualities are his strength, conditioning & he is just so so tough. He is a smart guy that knows how to work with the hand he has been dealt & has a sound game. Cain is a super-elite wrestler & superb athlete. He will definately have to earn a win tonite from Brad.



watch out Nog imo!